Sunday, November 27, 2011


Last night I had a chat with a good friend about how I've been having a hard time being determined. Being determined to set and achieve goals. Being determined to read more than a verse of my scriptures each night. Being determined to eat healthy, resist the chocolate. I've just felt like I'm having a hard time progressing. And we all know when we are not progressing, we are digressing.

I know I want to be a better person, but I'm really having a hard time being determined and achieving each goal. Church today was really amazing and I felt like we talked a lot about our potential and how great of potential we all have. I guess I just wanted to put down my thoughts and also, ask my {2} readers, what you do to achieve your goals? How do you not let laziness overcome you? I don't necessarily feel lazy in my daily life...I stay fairly busy with school, friends, family, church...but I feel lazy in the fact that I don't feel like I'm progressing in life.

Any advice??


  1. I agree with all of that except the chocolate. Do not, I repeat, do not resist the chocolate : ) I have had such an issue with that same idea this year Alicia! Especially that word, progressing. I have used that same word about a thousand times this year. Isnt it funny that we can be doing good, but not be satisfied with just...sitting around and being good? The way i deal with it is to make sure I got all my bases covered (church, scriptures, FHE, prayer...etc.)I forgive myself for being HUMAN, and I plan ahead. Friday I'm going to the temple. By this time next month I will have read such and such book in THE book (you know which one ; )Next Tuesday I AM going visiting teaching. In two weeks Joe and I WILL do some food storage. If I have like this calendar (real or mental) and I pencil in (literally and figuratively) little things that I might let slip through the cracks or whatever usually but now I am planning for them so I'm not going to forget about them this time, then I feel pretty dang good and like I am progressing!!! Now, I dont know if that'll work for you, and its like the most boring thing to do EVER (plan ahead and have a calendar, am I a dull square or what?) but it has worked WONDERS for me!!!! Love you Alicia, I hope I get to see you soon!
    xoxoxo Melanie

  2. I would suggest that you not get caught up in the checklist mindset. The moment your scripture reading etc becomes just a check off a list is the moment it stops helping you. It can be overwhelming to manage all the things that we are "supposed to do" but luckily we don't have to run faster than we are able... so just do what you can... and do it right. Then at least the things you're doing will have an effect.

    1. Thank you! That is very helpful. It's awful a daunting task to have that sort of "checklist". Can I ask who this is?