Wednesday, October 27, 2010


So I was on the phone with my sister tonight and typically I'll ask if I can talk to Claire but she usually always denies me. I used to babysit Claire my freshman year when she was a little baby. Now she's two years old and has changed so much! Anyyyway. Tonight she decided to talk to me. Laurel said she was in a very chipper mood this evening. Haha It was a priceless conversation. A few of the conversations went like this...

Alicia: "Claire, who is your favorite aunt?" (Gotta ingrain it in their heads at an early age people)
Claire: "Alicia!!! We don't have ants!! There aren't any ants in our house!!!" (She was appauled that I would think such a nasty thought.)

Later on in the conversation...

Laurel in the background asked her to ask me what I was going to be for Halloween....
Claire: (She ignored the asking and just went straight to what she thought I was going to be) "Alicia, you are going to be a princess. You are going to be a lovely princess. Yes, a lovely princess."

She's so dang cute!!

I miss all of my nieces and nephews!! I wish I could be around them all more often! I have to make sure they are correct on their favorite aunt! ;)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fur Elise

Dear person in JKB playing Fur Elise,

First, I think you forgot that you are on campus, in a building where people are trying to study, listen to lectures, Facebook, and blog stalk. Let me remind you that playing the piano at 9:30 a.m. on a Friday is not a good idea. I know PLENTY of spots on campus where you can politely play the piano and enjoy yourself :). The JKB is NOT one of them. Thank you.

Second, please learn the song. Instead of playing the same four lines over again. Seeerrriously. It's getting a little old.

Sincerely, your fellow bugged classmates at BYU.

Yes, I know I can just move but I am comfy in this chair and do not want to move until my class starts.