Sunday, October 16, 2011


Since I've been back in the land of Utah, I have been forced to be back in the dating world. (London was a good break and I enjoyed time just hanging out with girls and not worrying about boyzz). I've had a few comical experiences that have forced me to make this list of no-no's in dating.

Dating Don'ts
1. While on a date do not tell the girl you are with that she was your last resort
2. Do not go to a restaurant and decide it's too expensive and that we have to go somewhere cheaper. Cheap dates are fabulous, but when men point of the high price tag on all food items it leaves the date ordering a side salad and feeling horrible.
3. Talking about ex-girlfriends and how they screwed you over is not good first date convo material
4. Doubling with your sister and talking with her the majority of the time leaves a very bored date (and unimpressed)
5. Showing your date model pictures of your sisters (and commenting on their beauty) is a little weird...
6. First date + Ward parties = Awkward date. period.
7. No need to tell your date how you've been turned down 300+ times, we all have secrets that we don't unfold at the beginning.
8. Don't sit on your date. You may suffocate them.
9. Mama's boy is hot but on a first date talking to your mom for half an hour is kind of odd.

In the past two months I may or may not have had all of these occur on a first date. Oooh dating, how I will be glad to be done with you some day in the future.