Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Oh hi. Yes, I'm alive. And yes, I am fully aware that I suck at blogging. Anyway...if all of the craziness of the end of semester hadn't been apparent it definitely was when I walked into my first class this morning. There was some intense, nasty b.o. of someone who I'm sure had a fine excuse for not showering, such as: pulling an all-nighter because of gay projects, kissing, eating, or doing anything you can possibly do to procrastinate everything the end of semester brings. Moving on...

I only have a few minutes to post this (because of the above reasons). So I just thought I'd share a few random things from my today...

  • I'm wearing my little sister's sweater today. Shoot me. Yes, she is 12.
  • I walked out to a parking ticket on my car. I would have been mad butttttt I have parked in faculty parking for the last month basically and haven't gotten a ticket until today. With this fabulous parking I was able to get to class in 1 minute. As opposed to a 10 minute walk in the freezing cold that feels like a 2 hour walk. All for ten bucks. Worth it.
  • Sometimes, I hate being a girl. Like today. And yesterday. Although, 94 percent of the time I enjoy being a girl.
  • My right nostril is extremely runny today. My left? Completely normal. Semi-annoying. Actually, very annoying.
Alright, peace out blog world. Maybe I'll blog more.