Monday, April 12, 2010

School is almost over!!!!

So I'm almost done with my second year here at the good ol' Brig. This year has been awesome! I've learned a ton. In and out of school. I've had wonderful roommates and we've all gotten along well. Some might say I should have studied more but whatever. C's get degrees, that's my motto :) Anyway to close up the year (well and it was my roommate's boyfriend's birthday) my roommates and the three boyfriends all got together and made dinner, chatted, played games, and watched friends. All of us roommates have boyfriends. It's actually really fun. It makes for less awkward situations with PDA ;) Anyway we had lots of fun! All of us had a part in cooking and cleaning (the boys were very helpful too!!). After dinner we all sat around the table telling everyone's first impressions of everyone and sharing funny relationship stories. Then we played team Scategories. Ryan and I won :) Then we ended with watching the TV show, Friends. Here at G7, Friends is ALWAYS on. We are obsessed. We have all the seasons. So since there are six of us all together, we have all picked up a friend's character. I'll name all the characters down below...

Anyway so here are a few pictures of our date night

This is right after we cooked everything. So good!!

I like how Ryan and I are the only ones making silly/ugly faces :)

The self timer didn't do a great job at cutting out the drinks....

Only one more class left of the semester!! Then finals and right after finals end Ryan and I are headed to CALIFORNIA!! So excited!

Goodbye for now :)