Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I've done this for a few years now and I thought I'd continue the tradition...

This past year was an unforgettable one with memories that I will cherish forever. Rather than bore all of you (or the 2 people that actually read my blog), I'm going to do a year in review with pictures :)

In 2011 I have....

Spent numerous hours completing art projects for my minor. Here is one of the projects...I replicated a Kandinsky painting. 

Visited one of my good friends in the hospital after she gave birth to baby Emmett

Spent hundreds of hours laughing with this chicka while we lived together Winter 2011 semester.
Taken my first drawing class and completed this sucker for the final project. 

Gone on a weekend trip to Vegas with some friends.

Spent some time with Alex and his sister up in Idaho one weekend. And also took this high quality photo.

Been in one of my best friend's wedding. Also, said goodbye to my longtime friend & roommate, Linsey for a year and a half.

Said goodbye to my family for a few months while I lived in Europe.

Visited Sydney in Paris with Brittany before I headed over to England.

Been amazed by the size of the Eiffel Tower

Seen this infamous painting in real life (see first photo)
Traveled across the pond over the England and fell in love instantly.

Met these amazing folks (along with others) and had a blast exploring Europe with them.

Waited in a 7 hour line to see a Wimbledon match. Oh, and also tried the amazing strawberries and cream :) 

Visited the lovely Ireland (also fell in love with Irish people.)
Seen Wicked in LONDON :) 

Worked with these amazing people and gained a greater appreciation & knowledge for Interior Design.

Spent my last few days in England with my mum & sis. Unforgettable memories.
Made a pit stop on my way home from  Europe in Houston to visit my family.
Rolled a 3-wheeler on a cabin trip with some friends. (Picture taken BEFORE the traumatic experience)
Gone to conference with some old friends.

Attended my first Murder Mystery while having my voice completely gone. So fun.

Ditched a date to go to a BYU game with one of my best friends.
Volunteered at the Utah Food Bank with my co-workers.
Celebrated Brittany's birthday with life-long friends.

Annnd last but not least, my family and I gave my parents a makeover for one of their bathrooms. Thanks to Laurel and Kevin's handyman skills, it turned out really awesome!

Here's to another great year! Bring on 2012 :)


  1. Yay, I'm 1 of the 2 that reads the blog. Awesome pictures. I like your painting better. I think the museum may need to rotate the painting 90 degrees to match yours. It would look better.

  2. Wow!! We have both had such epic years. Traveling, dating, marriage, friends much growing up! I'm so glad we are friends and that you can come over and eat our leftover food for us, sleepover at our place even though you live a block away....ok, you are a way better friend than just those things. I like that I can borrow your clothes and do crafts with you, take advice from you and that you clean up our apartment obsessively.:) This is a true friendship!

  3. Whatevs, Gordon. I read it too. ;) Like this post, too.