Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So on my friend's blog she posted 10 things that make her happy. I liked the idea and decided to do it :) So here is my list....

1. CLEAN apartment :) I swear my apartment gets dirty sooo fast and I just love when it's squeaky clean :)
2. Visiting my home. I live close to home so I get to go home a lot. Every time I go up I am always greeted with hugs from my family members as well as groceries, advice from my wonderful father and mother, a very good dinner, and lots of other glorious things. I love home :)
3. Having a productive day makes me happy. I find myself wasting time on facebook, blog stalking, and other meaningless time wasters and I like when I put that off and do other productive and fun things.
4. Looking at old pictures and realizing how many awesome fun times I've had in my 19, almost 20, years of life.
5. Doing crafts. I love going to DI and getting old things and making them cute and looking new :) I also like to sew (when I get the time).
6. Little notes from anyone. Any kind of little note or letter makes me feel wonderful.
7. Making someone's day or participating in some sort of service for someone
8. Being in love. It's pretty fun. You should try it.
9. Running into an old friend and catching up on life
10. My ipod. There are times I'll be walking to school or driving to work and a song comes on that I love and it always makes me very happy. :) Music can always make my day.

The end!! Life is wonderful and I am grateful for all the wonderful people in my life.


  1. Ohh so you're in love now eh? Exciting!

  2. Thanks for forgetting about your best friend! :( I would like to add to this post. #2 1/2: My beautiful best friend that I have been friends with since I was 5 years old makes me happy everytime I see her. haha