Sunday, February 28, 2010

BYU Winter Adventures

Well hi. Here I am again. I'm really good at this blogging stuff. Anyway, life is going just dandy. I've been keeping pretty busy with work and school. I loooove my job!!! I get to work with crafts allll day :) And I work with really fun people, for the most part. School is blah. I have been studying really hard for my midterms and then I do poorly. Which is very frustrating. Statistics is kicking my butt but I'll live. Anyway, I'm still dating this Ryan fella, if you couldn't tell (p.s. all my pictures are with him. We are with each other often. Very often) haha anyway so yeah...I wish I could become more regular with my blog and I could actually use it as a journal more just not an update but maybe someday...So here are some pictures of some fun things that we've been up to lately.

Oh and they are not in order of occurrence. I am failing in my blog pictures upload. It's weird to me.

So up in Midway they had these ice castles where there were ice castles 30-40 feet high!! They were so amazing! Check out the blog where it tells more about them. :)

Here's Ryan and I in front of the biggest castle. They had a little tunnel that you could go inside. So cool!!

So my co-worker told me about this cool blog that is a baking website ( where they make cake balls, cake pops, and fun things like that. Naturally, we had to try one out! So we decided to make some fun smiley face cake balls. This is Ryan and I having fun cooking in our cute aprons :)

Here is the end result!! These are the first ones so they don't look very good but they were lots of fun to make!!

Out of order....but anyway this is us in the middle of our cooking fest

Roommate date night! My roommates boyfriend lives in Highland and so we all got together ordered pizza, played games, and watched a movie. It was so fun!! This is a picture of the domino creation we made.

Soon after we finished eating the boys got side tracked with playing video games. So....

Us girls started playing dominos!

For Martin Luther King Day Ryan and I went down to St. George and visited his mission buddies and also visited a couple of my good friends, Amanda and Sydney.
This picture is Ryan and I in the little mini narrows by the Dixie Rock.

We went glow sticking in a cave while we were there! It was so much fun! For those of you who don't know what it is, it is where you open up glow sticks and flick them all over you and wherever you are, we did the cave, and then play hide and go seek or some fun game. I recommend it.

While my brother's family was in town they came down to Provo and we all went to a BYU Basketball game. After the game we came back to my apartment and had ice cream cones. It was fun having them come down and see where I live.

Ryan's friends, Tanner and Savannah came to visit and we went snowboarding with them. We didn't get a good picture with all four of us but here is the one of Ryan and I about to snowboard.

Another roommate date night right before Meg left. We went to a chinese restaurant and had a lot of good laughs. Good times!

Goodbye for now!


  1. Your boyfriend is so hot!

  2. Fun pictures! I wish I could be there to play and see your apartment! Keep up the good blogging:)

  3. Wow! Those castles look amazing