Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year!

Happy New Year!!! This year has been an amazing year and I am so grateful for the wonderful memories I have made throughout the year of 2009!

In blog stalking some of my friends, I noticed they did a sort of year-in-review. Although it's not original, I still think it sounds like fun. So here goes it. :)


I'll start from the beginning....

In the year 2009 I have.........

Loved every moment I got to spend with my beautiful niece, Claire before they moved away to Texas.

Not taken out the garbage enough

Eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner while studying on my desk in one day. Multiple times.

Learned a lot from these girls. Also, got to have John Allred over at my apartment

Made unforgettable memories with my roommate/best friend, Linsey Hunt.

Gone shooting.

Realized that unmatched socks are never ending in my laundry.

Spent a weekend in St. George with the Barto Family.

Turned 19 and gotten attacked with silly string.

Gone to 12 temples in 5 days all throughout Utah. BEST TRIP EVER!!!

Gone to the beautiful Rockport, Massachusetts.

Spent a week with the Bartosiewicz family back east.

Gone frog catching in Connecticut.

Spent a family reunion up in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.

Gone to New York with my best friend.

Almost choked to death in the Las Vegas Airport.

Said goodbye to Logan, as well as many other missionaries.

Gone to a rodeo with my family and Brit.

Hung out with Brittany almost everyday of the summer!

Slid down a huge hill filled with blue foam

Started a new year at BYU with Linsey still as my roommate along with two other amazing girls

Spent Halloween with my roomies

Gone to conference with my roommates...again

Been at a lot of bonfires

Visited my wonderful family in Texas

Gone on a blind date with this kid named Ryan....

Skipped Relief Society and dressed up in fun dresses for no reason

Got a boyfriend...named Ryan...

Gone Ice Skating with Esther and Ryan

Spent a lot of time with this awesome fella

Gone hiking up Adam's Canyon

Well, this is a little glimpse of my year in 2009. For those of you who made it this far, congratulations!!


  1. Hey!
    What happened to went to forks with your awesome cousin melanie! Just kidding : )
    That guy Ryan's pretty cute, not that im a cougar or anything, hehe. Seriously though, WHAT an AWESOME year!!!
    luv ya!

  2. I didn't know you had a blog! :D I'm going to add you to my list as soon as I get done commenting! :) Sounds like life is going GREAT for you! The Boys is super cute! :D Glad to see your happy!!