Monday, November 16, 2009

Hola people!

Hello blog world! I feel kind of weird because I feel like I am talking to myself but whatev. It's fun. Sooooo here's a little update....I'm still going to school, believe it or not I haven't given up. Yet. I went and saw a counselor about my major because I was thinking about changing it to some sort of counseling?? But, she shut down that idea reaaall fast. I guess I'd have to be going to school for quite some time and also it's very competitive anyway I've decided to stay with Home and Family Living with an emphasis in Interior Design. I'm very excited about it though. I am hopefully going to be able to do an internship my last semester at the Y. So we'll see :)

Second item of business. I have a job!!! Yes folks, I am employed. It is rather nice to be having some sort of income again, although I haven't actually received a paycheck, everytime I go to work I just feel more rich :) Hahaha just kidding. But seriously. Anywho, I work for a scrapbooking warehouse in Orem. I would be lying if I said I hated it because I love it!!! I'm basically an office assistant that gets to work with scrapbooking supplies all day long :) (or afternoon long....) I work with way awesome people and people that share my same interests. Everyone there is very craft oriented and I love talking about new craft ideas with them. Call me a nerd but I kind of like crafts. So yeah, I feel so incredibly blessed to have this job. I couldn't ask for a better place of employment and am very happy :) Oh side note: I get TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF for Christmas break at this job. Bummer. And also I just told my old work that I could work for them in the mornings so basically I will be happy once school is back in sessssiiiooon. Oh well, I will be raking in the dough.

Third item of business. Well...I am dating someone. Yes, I am. His name is Ryan Bartley. He will probably read this so I guess I better say really good things about him huh? Just kidding he is great! We got set up on a blind date and have been hanging out pretty regularly since then. As in pretty regularly I mean that we have seen each other everyday for hours on end for the past two and a half weeks. It's crazy to think it's been that short of time because I already feel like we know each other very well. So yeah....this is weird to talk about my love life on here but I want to. :) Anyway so last weekend he came up to have dinner with my family. Ooooh boi. It was quite the event. Hahaha We had a series of events that just made the "meeting the fam" so great. I won't go into detail about everything that happened mostly to let Ryan have some man pride still but trust me, it was wonderful. We both had a great time and from what my family has said (unless they are lying to me...) they like him. I kinda like him too so that works out well. Okay I'm done, I feel weird....go ahead, judge me for saying on the world wide web that I'm dating someone. :)

Well I guess I better study and quit boring all of you. I'm extremely sorry that I am not posting pictures this time. I know that a blog without pictures is prrreetyy lame so please forgive me. I don't have any on my computer and was going to just pull some off of the book of face but then I remembered I deactivated my facebook account ssssoooo that would be a little difficult. Next time I will add pictures, I promise.



  1. No pictures?! What?! jk. I'm glad to hear about what's going on. I'm jealous of your job, I think that would be so fun. keep posting!

  2. you deactivated your facebook?! what? how & why? i give you props though, i could never, ever do that...i'm too addicted. but congrats on the boy! that is so exciting and you better post pictures soon so i can see him :)

  3. All that detail about your new man and not even a PICTURE!!!! some of us dont get to come to family dinners and stare all night at your BF you know!!! lady, snap snap, pronto!!!! j/k
    luv ya, and miss ya!