Sunday, October 18, 2009

TEXAS weekend!

Alright here I am! Blogging! So I thought I'd write a little about what's been going on. Is that what you do on here? Not sure...Anywho so I went to TEXAS!! And I loved it, to say the least. I got to see four of my siblings plus all the in-laws and nieces and nephews :) I woke up in the morning to my cute niece, Claire, saying, "Hi whisha!" over and over again. She is so adorable. I got to see all FIVE of my brother, Evan's kids. I also got to see my sister's daughter, Kara. It is hilarious to watch Kara and Claire play together. Claire dominates. I can't wait to watch them grow up. It is going to be so fun for them to be cousin's so close in age. And I got to see my brother, Gordon, who moved down to Houston this last summer. Basically, I love my family so much! I wish we all lived closer and we could get together more often. So while I was there I stayed with Laurel and Kevin and we worked on painting her kitchen cabinets. We didn't get them all done but we got a good start! It was so fun staying with them. I wish I could have stayed for longer! Here are a couple pictures of when the siblings got together and also the before pictures of the kitchen cabinets. We painted the cabinets a chocolate brown and they look really good!

Me with my handsome nephews while they played on Gordon's iPhone

Kara and I chillin on the couch

All of Evan's children!

All the siblings together! And to think there are still eight people missing from our family!

Kevin and Laurel preparing to paint!

Claire got into my makeup...Laurel tells me this is not an unusual occurance ;)

So there are a few pictures from my trip! Thanks to all of them for adjusting their schedules and to spend time with me :) Anyway school is bleh right now. I just had a pretty crazy week. Lots of tests and essays. Not my idea of fun. This weekend I have not even thought about school. It's great. Don't get me wrong, I like learning and I really like all of my professors but tests just stink. I'm a horrible test taker. Whatev. I feel like this post is kind of boring but I'm feeling kind of drained from everything right now haha hopefully my next one will be a little more lively. Peace out to whoever reads this!

P.S. Does anyone know how to make loading pictures easier?? When I load them they all go to the top and then it takes forever to drag them down to the bottom. Do I just add the pictures at the beginning and then type after? I need some help :)


  1. Yea for Texas! I usually add my text after the pics because I end up doing that anyways if I write first. I don't know any easier way, sorry:( How do you always look so cute?!

  2. i love texas! cute pictures alicia :]

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