Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zipper Problems

So I've had this problem for quite some time now. Sometimes, I forget to zip up my zipper. Sometimes, I choose to forget to zip it up at the best times. Such as...

--When meeting the parents of a guy I was dating at the time...
--Job interview...
--Bringing cookies to a friend to say "Thank you" but in the end feeling awkward because I noticed while I was at his place.
--While hosting a party for my old job with about 50 people in attendance.
--While on a band trip, on the bus, while reaching in the overhead bin. Making it fairly obvious for onlookers.
--Random times while on campus I do my whole "zip check" and then the humiliation sets in.

OOPS! :) I hope that my stupidity makes you smile!

P.S. I've seen on a few people's blogs that at the end of every post they write things they are grateful for and with the season of gratitude approaching I want to start that :) Here goes it!

1) My car. I had to drop it off and get it fixed today and realized that I take for granted having a car all the time.
2) New friends. I've made some really awesome new friends and am having a lot of fun :)
3) The lack of ferrets in my apartment as of today!!!!!!! BOOM BABY!


  1. And this is why we are friends.

  2. AWKWARD ZIPPER MOMENTS are teh worst.

    Mine was down during a staff meeting last week. I tried to fix it without anyone noticing. But someone did and made a comment and then everyone giggled at me. Stupid zipper...