Monday, August 6, 2012

Meet Mike

Meet the man I am going to marry.
  • Age 22 (approximately 27 days older than me)
  • Majoring in Neuroscience at BYU, going into Dental or Medical (still deciding)
  • 6' 3" :)
  • Attractive
  • From Springville, Utah
  • Went on his mission to Russia
  • Cellist, Soccer player, Volleyball player, Pianist, excellent singer...
  • Loves all things chocolate, going out to eat, swimming, guitar hero, iphones, and learning new things
  • Hates being hot, shopping, rude people and traffic
  • We met through a mutual friend (who is now very proud of introducing us)
  • He is patient (which is a quality someone needs if they are going to marry me)
  • Comes from a great family
  • Magnet to little kids and loooves playing with them
  • Sometimes timid and quiet when around a big group of people (opposites attract right?)
  • Makes me laugh and laughs at my lame jokes
  • Most importantly he wants to get married in the temple and raise a family in the church
Here's to starting my life with an amazing man! November 17 can't come soon enough

1 comment:

  1. I'm so happy for both of you! You two are amazing, and I'm also looking forward to November 17th; it will be a very happy day!!!!