Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summer, summer, summer....

Summer is here!! I couldn't be happier! School is finally out and I'm now working two part time jobs. I recently got a gym membership and Ryan and I have gone to the gym 5 times this week!!! That's five more times than I have ever gone to the gym! Haha This is a first time gym attending for me and I am very excited about getting into shape this summer :) Ryan and I left to go to good ol' Sacramento right after finals ended. We had such a fun time!!! I got to meet Ryan's family. They were so welcoming and very sweet to me. His dad cooked us dinner almost every night we were there and his mom made sure I felt at home. We got to spend some time with Ryan's friends, specifically Savannah and Tanner. Savannah grew up next to Ryan and Tanner and Ryan became really good friends after Ryan's mission. They are such a fun couple to hang out with and we had a good time with them.

The third day we were there we got to go to San Francisco!! My best friend, Brittany Barto works for Delta and gets free flights so she came into Sacramento the night before and went with us to San Fran. I loved San Francisco! It is such a fun city. We got to go to the Warf, Lombard Street, walk along the golden gate bridge, go to the golden gate park, see the ocean, go to the Muir Redwoods, and go to the top of Mount Tan (I can't remember the full word haha). We had a great time!! Brittany kept insisting on doing a "documenetary" (She could never figure out how to say documentary haha) of Ryan and I the whole trip. So we got some pretty cheesy, cutesy pictures. Speaking of pictures.... So I got a new camera for my birthday and I brought it on the trip bbbuuut for some reason it decided to delete all but the pictures of us four-wheeling. Soooo I don't really have any pictures of the trip. It still makes me sick that I lost them all :( But what can ya do! Anywho....on the trip we also got to go to Lake Folsom and soaked in the warm weather :). We also went four-wheeling with Ryan and Tanner's trucks up by Lake Folsom. Overall the trip was so much fun! It was fun seeing where Ryan grew up and hear funny stories about when Ryan was younger.

I'm excited for all the fun plans that we have this summer! It's going to be a great summer :)

So I'll post a couple pictures of the cheesy/happy pictures Brit took of us in San Fran, seeing as though those are the only pictures I have :(

It was such a nice day when we went! A little foggy but I think that's how it normally is

Ryan and I at Pier 39. Apparently Ryan was feeling a model pose when the picture was taken :)

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